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Teaching at shane / Reviews and Testimonials

A big thank you goes out to all our teachers for all their helpful feedback.


Teacher feedback is how we improve.


Shane English School Taiwan currently takes on over 100 new teachers each year, and we aim to make it a memorable experience for each and every teacher who joins our team. We routinely ask our teachers for feedback on their experience at Shane to find where we can improve to make sure you have nothing but good memories, starting from the moment you apply right up until you move on to your next exciting chapter.



Our recruitment teams aims to be informative, prompt and transparent to give teachers a clear picture of what to expect when living in Taiwan and working at Shane.


So what did our recent teachers think of the recruitment process?


Everything very clear so far. A very understanding and supportive organisation with attention to individual teachers (rather than mass emails).


- Melissa (SEST, Hsinchu)


Leias was extremely helpful in getting my health check, visa, and bank account set up. Saved me a lot of time!


- Gregory (SEST, Taipei)


I was offered the job soon after the interview. I signed the contract shortly thereafter. The hiring process was conducted with speed and efficiency.


- Vivienne (SEST, Taichung)


Great recruiter, every question was answered in detail, very reassuring and helpful. Thank you!


- Spencer (SEST, Hsinchu)


The interviewing process was fantastic. Applied, interviewed, vetted and offered a position all within a week. Richard was a great interviewer and built good rapport.


- Dominic (SEST, Hsinchu)



Our recruiters are all former teachers who have first-hand experience of what it's like to make the move to Taiwan to teach English.



Teacher Training is designed to leave new teachers feeling fully prepared to start their first class.


What did our recent teachers think of Training Week?


The trainers were top notch, gave us a ton of examples we can apply directly to the classroom.


- Cameron (SEST, Hsinchu)


All of the trainers have been teachers previously and were good at emulating the structure of the Shane classroom with us while we trained.


- Renne (SEST, Taipei)


The materials used in training were very detailed, lots of information to refer back to in the future!


- Natalie (SEST, Taipei)


I found the observations helpful as some situations seemed difficult to deal with, but by seeing an experienced teacher handle these it gave me confidence that I can do it. I liked seeing different games and scoring systems being used by the teachers, and I am grateful for the opportunity. Thanks!


- Arthur (SEST, Taipei)


This is the 3rd TEFL training I have done and it was very good. SEST seems to have a really good mix of friendliness/professionalism.


- Allie (SEST, Taipei)



Teacher Training is administered by our team of Directors of Studies who all have years of classroom experience teaching at Shane English School Taiwan.



Our aim if for all teachers to look back fondly on an awesome experience teaching in Taiwan.


From a long-term teacher moving on to new things.


Working at Shane was an incredibly rewarding experience for me.


This was my first time teaching in a classroom setting, so it came with a lot of challenges (be it dealing with reluctant students, managing time, or adequately planning lessons) and a steep learning curve at the start.


However, I decided the best approach is to just get into the classroom and teach! You soon find your feet, and get into the rhythm of planning lessons and teaching classes.


You’ll find great support from your colleagues and also the Head Office team. Your Director of Studies will also give you feedback and advice after observing some of your lessons. This was extremely helpful.


I found the summer camp to be particularly enjoyable. This was a chance to teach lessons based on a whole variety of fun topics – we had lessons on science (rockets and the Solar System), Mesopotamia (the students used clay to make their own glyph tablets) and museums, just to name a few. These lessons also included loads of fun crafts and activities.


I take away many happy memories and experiences from my time at Shane. I taught a wide range of classes, students and levels during my 2 years working there; from very young learners all the way up to conversation classes with a high court judge!


Seeing your students enjoy the lessons and activities that you’ve planned, and seeing their English improve, were for me, the most rewarding parts of the job.


If you are reading this and thinking about taking the plunge of teaching English abroad, I certainly recommend Shane!


- Alex (SEST, Taipei)


Every month we welcome a new set of teachers to join our lively team of ESL enthusiasts. Apply today to be a part of the next group of teachers to join Shane English School Taiwan!