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Teaching Positions at Shane

Shane English School Taiwan is one of Taiwan’s leading British language schools, offering new and experienced teachers the opportunity to work in a well-structured organisation that fosters the development of teachers. Supported by a driven Head Office team, teachers at Shane English School Taiwan are provided with the tools, knowledge and network to truly experience Taiwan, excel in the classroom and continuously progress in their teaching career.


Teacher Training

All new teachers will undergo a week of teacher training at Head Office in Taipei City. Administered by a competent academic team, Training Week will cover everything from managing and motivating your students to creating fun and engaging lessons across a range of ages. Teachers who are new to the job will be given fundamental pointers to becoming effective classroom teachers, while experienced teachers will find great value in receiving exposure to our curriculum and procedures under the guidance of experienced Shane teachers. Training Week also includes live observation opportunities to see what has been taught in theory during training being put into practice in the classroom by current Shane teachers.


Salary and Benefits

Shane English School Taiwan offers a competitive salary that is consistent across all branches. Depending on qualifications and experience, teachers earn NT$600-700 per hour with a guarantee of 20 hours per week and an average of 25 hours per week. Teachers also receive a salary raise every 6 months as well as a contract completion bonus of NT$15,000, NT$20,000, NT$30,000 and NT$40,000 for each contract completed.


Classes, Courses and Schedules

Shane English School Taiwan caters predominantly to young learners of elementary school age, however students can range from 4-18 years old with the possibility of 1-to-1 adult students. Our specialized curriculum is focused on naturally spoken English with minimal written work to allow for more peer to peer speaking opportunities through class discussions, group work and games. Teachers are provided with all the materials and resources necessary to teach the curriculum and are usually supported by a local assistant teacher. The average teaching schedule is five days a week with an average of 25 teaching hours and no additional office hours.


Reviews and Testimonials

Shane English School Taiwan prides itself on the relationships we form with our teachers. Those relationships begin during the application process and continue to form through teacher training, observation sessions, teacher socials, and ongoing general support. During this time we routinely ask teachers for feedback to find which areas we can adjust to improve the overall well-being of our teachers, from orientation and training to academic and wellness support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about teaching at Shane English School Taiwan? Please read through our FAQs, you may just find what you’re looking for. If not, our friendly recruitment team will be happy to answer any questions you have during the application process. No question is too small, so please get in touch. All teachers, new and experienced, are welcome to apply and we hope to hear from you soon!