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What we offer / Teacher Training

New teachers will spend a week with the Academic Department learning the fundamentals of our courses, classes, and curriculum.


Become familiar with our schools and courses, and also meet the Head Office team.


Training Week usually takes place once a month at Head Office and will be attended by all new teachers starting that month. Lasting the full duration of a week and administered by an experienced team of academic managers, the training is designed to give new and experienced teachers the necessary tools to excel at Shane. There is also the opportunity for lesson observations to see the theory from training being put into practice in the classroom. While the atmosphere of training week is fun, the value and benefits of it will be felt from the very first class and last throughout your teaching career.


 ⇒ Get to know the Head Office team

 ⇒ Meet other new teachers also starting out at Shane

 ⇒ Understand our procedures and expectations

 ⇒ Get familiar with the Shane curriculum, courses and materials

 ⇒ Receive invaluable teaching advice from former Shane teachers

  Learn how to plan and execute fun and engaging lessons

  Learn how to motivate your students to reach their learning goals

  Observe classes of current Shane teachers to see how a typical lesson unfolds



Receive a hotel stipend of NT$500 per night for up to 10 nights during orientation and training.


Get a hotel near Head Office for the duration of Training Week.


For those based outside of Taipei, your school manager can help book a hotel for Training Week to make getting to and from Head Office each day quick and easy. 


Get expert teaching advice from our Directors of Studies who have years of teaching experience at Shane and elsewhere.



Learn how to connect with young learners and create fun and engaging classes for your students. 


Create a solid foundation for your teaching career.


Training Week includes a number of specialized modules designed to help you become an effective, well-rounded teacher. From lesson planning and presentation to managing and motivating students of all ages, Training Week will provide you with the knowledge you need to become a well rounded, effective and respected teacher.




General Module 1


Understand and familiarise yourself with the framework and day to day operations of Shane English School Taiwan. From the management structure to the guaranteed salary system to teaching assistants, all expectations and procedures are clearly laid out for new teachers.


Lesson Planning


Get introduced to our curriculum and materials and learn how to structure engaging lessons around them. Learn how to break each lesson into stages, the timing of each stage and effective interaction patterns to use.


Classroom Management


This module will teach you how to group students, how to give instructions that are clear and easily understood, and how to approach discipline in class. You’ll also get valuable insight into student motivation, setting rules in your class, and how a little bit of competition in class can be used to motivate and manage your students.




Presentation, Practice, Production


A tried and tested teaching methodology. Learn how to implement these three important stages of every standard Young Learners lesson. We also look at how to encourage whole-class participation, interaction patterns, and games that break up the monotony of drilling new language. This module will leave you with a number of ideas for games and activities to use in your classes.




Phonics, Writing, and Reading


Learn valuable techniques to use when teaching the three fundamental elements of learning English, along with games and activities that can be used to get your students active and engaged. These modules provide another opportunity to familiarise yourself with our materials and receive expert advice on how they can be used to get the best out of your students.




Teaching Advanced Young Learners


Divided into a number of digestible modules – each approaching a different aspect of teaching this age and ability level – you’ll explore a variety of ways to engage and motivate students as they move into adolescence. During these modules you’ll look at the materials that are taught, presentation methods that resonate with this particular age group, and the art of teaching grammar in a way that young people can both relate to and easily comprehend. 




Teaching Very Young Learners


Very young learners can be one of the most rewarding age groups to teach, but they also come with their own set of challenges. During training you’ll learn how to teach, manage, and motivate the youngest of our students. Together with the Director of Studies who heads up the VYL department, you’ll look at the materials you’ll be teaching and learn how to structure lessons that include action songs and exciting language activities. You’ll also learn how to effectively manage students of such a young age and ultimately create a positive learning environment.


General Module 2


Complete the week with an overview of school procedures. Appearance, punctuality, sick days, sign sheets, tests, and admin are all made clear, as well as how to handle disagreements at school should they occur.


Training Week also includes a number of teaching observation opportunities.


Get a feel for our classroom environment by observing some current teachers.


There is a lot to be taken from Training Week, but perhaps the most valuable part is seeing all that has been covered being used in action by one of our current Shane teachers. During Training Week you’ll visit a few Shane schools in Taipei (COVID restrictions permitting) to observe some classes. This is a great opportunity to not only see what your classes will look like, but also to get a few helpful tips from experienced teachers and see how they interact with their students. It helps bring everything together so that you’re fully equipped to start teaching your own classes with absolute confidence.


Training Week will clarify all your responsibilities and leave you feeling confident to start your first class.



Join your new colleagues for a well-deserved celebratory drink! 


Cheers, to the start of your career at Shane English School Taiwan.


Training Week wraps up with a well-deserved drink at a local bar in Taipei. As all the new teachers head off to start teaching at their various schools around Taiwan, it’s a good time to relax, swap stories, exchange numbers and make plans, until the next time!