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Teaching at shane / Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to teach at Shane English School Taiwan? 


All teachers are required to be native English speakers with a full university degree and a teaching/TEFL certificate (or willingness to gain one). Associate degrees are accepted but must be coupled with a 120-hour (or more) TEFL certificate in order to get a work permit from the Taiwanese government.


When is the best time to apply? 


Positions at Shane English School Taiwan are available throughout the year, although the majority of positions tend to become available during the summer months (June-September).


How far in advance should I apply? 


It’s always best not to rush, and some documents (such as the criminal background check) can take some time to get. So while the application process can take as little as a week (if currently residing in Taiwan), we recommend applying 3-6 months before your intended starting date. Applying ahead of time will also increase your chances of finding a position in your preferred location.


What does the application process entail? 


The application process entails completing our online application form, submitting the requested documents to the recruitment team, a written pre-interview task, and an online interview via Skype/Google Meet.


Which documents should I prepare? 


In order to check your eligibility for a work permit in Taiwan, the recruitment team will request colour scans of your ARC (if you have one), passport information page, degree certificate, and teaching/TEFL certificate (if you have one). Teachers applying from overseas will also need to provide a criminal record background check from your home country (same country as your passport).


Can I choose which city I work in? 


The recruitment team will discuss your location preferences with you during the interview. Being flexible on location will increase your chances of securing a position close to your intended start date, whereas, if you’re set on a particular city you may need to wait until a position in your city of choice becomes available. But either way, contracts are tied to individual Shane branches meaning you will know exactly where you will be placed before accepting a position with Shane English School Taiwan.


How does the visa process work? 


A health check is required by the government in order to get a work permit in Taiwan, and then with a work permit you can apply for a visa. After arriving in Taiwan, you can then get an ARC (residence permit). Our schools can sponsor applications and advise throughout the entire visa process while teachers just need to pay the visa application fees and other associated costs (such as the health check).


What documents will I need to bring? 


To get a work permit in Taiwan you will need your original degree certificate, passport (valid for at least 12 months), criminal record background check (issued within 6 months), and completed health check (issued within 3 months AND authenticated by your nearest Taiwanese embassy/representative office). Please note that the government may not accept copies of your documents and may deny you a work permit without the original certificate.


What support will I get at school? 


Each region has a designated Director of Studies (DoS) to help manage teachers and provide academic support. The DoS is not only there to help you improve as a teacher, but also to provide assistance for any issues you may have at your school or outside of work. All DoSs have extensive experience working at Shane schools and within the Shane system.


What support will I get outside of school? 


Shane English School Taiwan prides itself on teacher well-being and works hard to ensure all teachers have a memorable experience throughout their time in Taiwan. To achieve this, we have a team of local and foreign employees in Head Office who are willing and able to help teachers with any issues they may have. Head Office is only a phone call away.


Does Shane English School Taiwan offer short-term contracts? 


Due to work permit and operational requirements, Shane English School Taiwan usually only has positions available on a 12-month contract basis. Short-term or part-time positions, if available, are only possible for those currently residing in Taiwan and who do not require work permit/visa sponsorship (such as APRC holders).