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What we offer / Salary and Benefits

Earn up to NT$70,000+ ($2.2k, £1.8k) per month doing a job you love! 


Earn a great salary, and have fun doing it!


We understand that teaching abroad is just as much about the experience as it is about teaching. And an experience it will be! Salaries at Shane English School Taiwan allow you to dine well, socilalize regularly, get out on your days off, travel, and still save money. Apart from starting on a competitive salary, you also stand to receive pay increases every 6 months and increasing cash bonuses for every 12-month contract you complete.


 ⇒ NT$600-700/hour depending on experience

 ⇒ NT$10/hour salary raise after 6 months

 ⇒ NT$20/hour salary raise after 12 months 

 ⇒ NT$15,000 bonus for the completion of 1st contract

 ⇒ NT$20,000 bonus for the completion of 2nd contract

 ⇒ NT$30,000 bonus for the completion of 3rd contract

 ⇒ NT$40,000 bonus for the completion of 4th contract


Get a salary raise every six months and hefty contract completion bonus! 



Rest easy with a guaranteed 20 teaching hours per week! 


So how much can you earn at Shane English School?


Salaries are guarenteed at 20 hours per week so you can work to a set budget and spend accordingly, but on average most Shane teachers teach around 25 hours per week. So what does that equate to at the end of the month?


 ⇒ NT$620/hour will see you earn NT$49,600 on the 20-hour guarentee and NT$62,000 on the 25-hour average

 ⇒ NT$650/hour will see you earn NT$52,000 on the 20-hour guarentee and NT$65,000 on the 25-hour average

 ⇒ NT$700/hour will see you earn NT$56,000 on the 20-hour guarentee and NT$70,000 on the 25-hour average


While the above are approximate amounts, when coupled with the low cost of living in Taiwan it's easy to see how you'll eat well, live well and save well!


We also ensure your professional development as a teacher! 


Improve your teaching by getting tips from the pros.


Ensuring that you continue to develop and improve as a teacher is one of the many goals we have. While teacher training week is designed to act as a foundation as you grow and evolve your own teaching style, observation and feedback sessions with your designated Director of Studies will also be scheduled throughout the year to provide you with personalised, constructive feedback on how you might improve your classes in all areas, from language presentation to classroom management to student motivation.


Western management elimintaes language barriers and helps with cultural differences.



Shane English School Taiwan also provides career advancement opportunities for long-term teachers.


Thinking of staying long-term? Move up with Shane English School Taiwan.


If you're thinking of staying long-term (it's very easy to fall in love with Taiwan) there are a number of senior roles for teachers to pursue within the the company. The majority of Head Office employees are former Shane teachers and any positions that arise are generally offered to teachers internally before making the position publilc. While there is a variety of roles to consider, all require actual teaching experience and a good knowledge of the Shane system.


 ⇒ Senior Teacher 

 ⇒ Director of Studies 

 ⇒ Publishing 

 ⇒ Content creation and editing

 ⇒ Recruitment 

 ⇒ Marketing 


Speak to our team about their journey with Shane English School Taiwan.


Our senior staff will be more than happy to share their stories.


During the recruitment process and teacher Training Week you'll have the opportunity to speak with a number of our staff, most of which began as teachers who started their career with Shane. If you're interested in career advancement opportunities ask them about their journey with Shane English School Taiwan. They'll be more than happy to share how they began, what they loved most about the job, and why they decided to stay with the company long-term.