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What we offer / Salary and Benefits

Teachers are paid an hourly wage, receive incremental pay increases, and enjoy an annual contract completion bonus.


Enjoy an excellent work/life balance whilst earning a decent wage.


Shane English School Taiwan provides an excellent work/life balance for teachers. Wages are competitive, hours are variable but not excessive, there is a minimal amount of grading/marking required compared to other schools, and all necessary materials and resources to teach our curriculum are provided. This allows teachers to focus purely on their classes during teaching hours and leaves plenty of free time during the week for pursuing personal interests outside of work. The average teaching schedule is typically 20-25 teaching hours per week and apart from arriving before your first class of the day, there are no additional office hours.


 ⇒ NT$600-700 per hour (after 6 months: +NT$10 per hour performance-related increase; after 12 months+NT$20 per hour automatic increase)

 ⇒ NT$15,000 1st Year contract completion bonus

 ⇒ NT$20,000 2nd Year contract completion bonus

 ⇒ NT$30,000 3rd Year contract completion bonus

 ⇒ NT$40,000 4th+ Year contract completion bonus


Performance-related pay increases every 6-12 months and incrementally increasing contract completion bonuses. 



Teachers are guaranteed 20 teaching hours per week for the first 4 months. 


What can you expect to earn at Shane English School Taiwan?


Starting rates are calculated according to qualifications and experience. For first-year Shane teachers teaching hours are guarantee at 20 hours per week via the Teaching Hours Allowance (THA), so you can work to a set budget and spend accordingly. Once settled into a schedule most Shane teachers teach around 25 teaching hours per week on average. So what does that roughly equate to at the end of the month?


 ⇒ NT$620 per hour could equate to an estimated NT$49,600 (based on 20-hour THA) or NT$62,000 (based on 25-hour average) gross per month*

 ⇒ NT$650 per hour could equate to an estimated NT$52,000 (based on 20-hour THA) or NT$65,000 (based on 25-hour average) gross per month*

 ⇒ NT$700 per hour could equate to an estimated NT$56,000 (based on 20-hour THA) or NT$70,000 (based on 25-hour average) gross per month*


*While the above are approximate amounts (teaching hours can vary depending on the teacher and the schedule), when coupled with the low cost of living in Taiwan it's easy to see how you can eat well, live well and save well!


We also provide valuable professional development opportunities for all our teachers. 


Improve your teaching under the guidance of a dedicated academic management team.


Ensuring that you continue to develop and improve as a teacher is one of the many goals we have. While teacher training week is designed to act as a foundation as you grow and evolve your own teaching style, observation and feedback sessions with your designated Director of Studies will also be scheduled throughout the year to provide you with personalised, constructive feedback on how you might improve your classes in all areas, from language presentation to classroom management and student motivation. For those who are interested in becoming an academic manager themselves one day, we have the Teacher Development Scheme (TDS), which is a pathway for teacher development and career advancement.


Our academic managers are former Shane teachers, so they understand the challenges typically faced by teachers and are on hand to offer support and guidance.


All teachers are assigned to a Director of Studies to assist when help is needed.



Shane English School Taiwan also provides career advancement opportunities for long-term teachers.


Thinking of staying long-term? Move up with Shane English School Taiwan.


If you're thinking of staying long-term (it's very easy to fall in love with Taiwan) there are a number of senior roles for teachers to pursue within the company. The majority of Head Office staff are former Shane teachers and new positions that may arise are generally advertised internally before making the position public. There are a variety of roles to consider, all usually require at least some teaching experience and a good knowledge of the Shane system. Some areas that Shane teachers have gone on to work in include:


 ⇒ Director of Studies 

 ⇒ Recruitment  

 ⇒ Senior Teacher 

 ⇒ Publishing

 ⇒ Marketing

 ⇒ Content creation and editing


Opportunities to work at Head Office are usually advertised internally and are posted on the SEST blog.


Speak with our team about their journey with Shane English School Taiwan.


Our experienced team will be more than happy to share their stories.


During the recruitment process and Training Week you'll have the opportunity to speak with a number of our staff, most of whom began as teachers and started their careers at Shane. If you're interested in career advancement opportunities ask them about their journey with Shane English School Taiwan. They'll be more than happy to share how they began, what they loved most about the job, and why they decided to stay with the company long-term.