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Follow a specialized curriculum complete with course guides, resources and materials.


Be an inspiration to young and aspiring minds.


Shane English School Taiwan offers the opportunity to teach young learners who are full of energy and curiosity. For the right teacher, this age group can be incredibly rewarding and is often just as much fun for the teacher as it is for the students. You’ll teach a fun and exciting curriculum that is tailored to the needs of young learners and comes complete with lessons guides for each class. On top of your own creative classroom ideas, Training Week will also equip you with heaps of useful games and activities and ways to motivate and inspire young learners as you guide your students through each stage of our specialized curriculum.


 ⇒ Teach small, manageable class sizes

 ⇒ Follow a pre-set, specialized curriculum

 ⇒ Work together with friendly teaching assistants

 ⇒ Enjoy hardly any additional marking/grading

 ⇒ Be creative and free with your own unique teaching style


Schedules can also include 1-to-1 classes with children, teens and adults.


While the majority of teachers’ schedules are made up of group classes with young learners, teachers may also teach 1-to-1 private classes through Shane. These classes take place at the school and can range from young learners to teens to adults.


Private classes provide a nice change of pace from teaching group classes.



Teach a variety of books produced and published by Shane English School Taiwan.


An overview of the courses offered at Shane English School Taiwan.


Shane English School Taiwan offers a number of different courses to students looking to study in a full English immersion environment. The courses cater to different age groups and range from beginner to advanced levels. Most books and materials are published in-house by Shane English School Taiwan and are geared towards teaching students naturally spoken English.


Standard English Language Courses


Catering to Very Young Learners, Elementary and Junior High School students, a standard group lesson meets twice a week for 90-120 minutes. There are also special intensive classes where the children study up to 10 hours per week.  All lessons are taught by native English teachers, although with classes of 10 or more students, there is often a TA who marks homework, helps out with discipline where necessary, and offers general support to teachers. They also keep the students’ Communication Books (a record of progress in class) up-to-date. The children’s courses are based around a combination of texts, tailored to the specific needs of young learners in Taiwan. The emphasis is on communicating in English, but all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are covered in each lesson.


ESL Courses


Some branches run ESL (English as a Second Language) courses, which utilises the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach to teach subjects through the medium of English. Students attend more frequently (3-4 days per week), and for longer each day (2-3 hours). These courses include the standard English language classes, but the students also learn English through studying (basic) maths and science, and additional reading and topic lessons e.g. Christmas, Chinese New Year etc. They may also go on trips to local places of interest.


Summer & Winter Vacation Courses


During state school vacations, some Shane schools run additional courses. These may be based on a topic, such as science, geography, professions, the environment, or language skills such as phonics and writing, or sports/activities. Topic lessons are often more practical, with art and craft activities or visits to local places of interest.


All-Day Very Young Learners (full-time VYL teachers only)


Our Very Young Learner courses have been developed by specialists, and use a project-based approach, with comprehensive teaching notes for all classes. Students also follow reading, phonics, maths and writing programs. The courses are designed to help develop the four language skills, as well as social and character development skills such as sharing and taking turns etc. Other areas of development are gross and fine motor skills. Each class has a native English teacher who works alongside a Taiwanese co-teacher. This is a team effort and both teachers use English as the communicative medium in an immersive English environment. In 2020 we opened Hankel International Academy (HIA), our flagship very young learners academy which specialises in educating this age group.


Teaching Very Young Learners is a very rewarding yet challenging experience so teachers are encouraged to fully research teaching Very Young Learners prior to accepting a role.



With our standardized system, teachers can expect a similar experience at any one of our 70+ branches in Taiwan.


A look at the subtle differences between our two types of schools.


At Shane English School Taiwan there are two main types of schools; DTE and Franchise. While both types offer the same standard wage package to teachers, the same courses to students, and come equipped with similar facilities and materials, there are some subtle differences.


DTE ‘Direct Teaching Establishments’


 ⇒ These schools are directly owned and managed by Head Office.

 ⇒ Direct Line Managers are native English speakers based at Head Office

 ⇒ These branches are all located in the Taipei area.

 ⇒ Saturday is typically a working day for most teachers in Taipei, so Saturday teaching may be required (although teachers still get 2 days off per week).




 ⇒ These schools are owned and managed by local franchise owners

 ⇒ Most branches are outside of the Taipei area, although some Franchise schools in and around Taipei.

 ⇒ Most schedules are Monday-Friday


Get out and enjoy life in Taiwan with a schedule full of free time! 


Teaching schedules at Shane English School Taiwan.


Work patterns can vary depending on the branch you are based at but all teachers have a regular schedule of five working days per week with Sunday and one other day off (most schools are closed on weekends, although Saturday is usually a working day in Taipei). Teachers generally work at least 80 teaching hours per month (most teachers average between 90-100 teaching hours per month, and some teachers may teach more than this), although schedules can sometimes take a few months to build up.


DTE Example Schedule



Franchise Example Schedule



Still got questions about teaching at Shane? Get in touch and start a discussion.


Speak to our recruitment team for more insight and valuable advice.


Our recruitment team has years of teaching experience and will be happy to elaborate further on the scope of the job as well as provide their own personal advice. Candidates who are invited for an interview are encouraged to ask any questions they may have, be it about teaching, our schools, or living in Taiwan.