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Shane Education Flagship Schools: HIA and HIAPE

Teaching at shane / Shane Education Flagship Schools: HIA and HIAPE

Hankel International Academy of Primary Education (HIAPE)

Following the successful launch of Hankel International Academy (HIA) in 2020, Shane Education is expanding further with Hankel International Academy of Primary Education (HIAPE), our new private bilingual experimental elementary school.

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Hankel International Academy (HIA) 

Hankel International Academy (HIA) is the flagship school of Shane Education. HIA operates independently from our regular Shane language centres, with HIA catering specifically to very young learners enrolled in all-day English and bilingual programs. Located in a leafy suburban area of Linkou, New Taipei City, HIA operates in a purpose-built campus, which also houses the corporate headquarters of Shane English School Taiwan

Since opening in August 2020 the school has really established itself in the community and has already garnered a strong reputation amongst parents (a lot of which is down to the fantastic efforts of our hardworking staff and teachers).


The Inspiration Behind the Name and the Crest

The name, Hankel International Academy, is a homage to the person who inspired Shane Education’s chairperson to pursue a life-long career in education; Hankel is an appreciative nod to famed German mathematician, Hermann Hankel. Just as it did for him, the chairman hopes the name will continue to help others realise the importance of education and inspire students to follow their passions into the future. 

Represented in the crest are the four core foundations of learning at Hankel International Academy – fine arts and music, literacy, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and maths), and the fostering of talent that will shape our world in the future. 


Modern Facilities For Students and Staff 

Students and teachers at HIA enjoy spacious classrooms filled with plenty of natural light, as well as access to a dance studio, Lego room, science room, play gym, library, grass lawn, and rooftop garden. Staff also have access to their very own common room which has a TV, dartboard, table-football, and Nintendo Switch (so it’s not just the students who get to have all the fun!).


Careers at Hankel International Academy 

HIA offers teachers the opportunity to play an integral part of the school and take complete ownership of their classes, while still receiving support and guidance from the Shane Education academic department. If you are a very young learners specialist or have a keen interest in teaching very young learners we'd love to hear from you

HIA teacher salary and benefits include: 

  NT$60,000-70,000 per month base salary 

  NT$20,000-40,000 End of Contract Bonus 

  Paid annual leave (as well as paid national holidays) 

  Monday-Friday schedule (25 teaching hours per week cap, no evening classes, weekends off) 

  Travel StipendAttendance Bonus, and Student Retention Bonus 

  Free lunch available every day! 

Click here to APPLY NOW (please express your interest in HIA in the ‘tell us more about you’ section of the application form).


Careers at Shane English School Taiwan 

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