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Blog / NEW: Shane Education Launches HIA

NEW: Shane Education Launches HIA

After years in the making, Shane Education is proud to finally announce the official opening of Hankel International Academy, an exciting new chapter for a company that has been vested in Taiwan’s English language learning for 25 years running. The academy marks another incredible achievement for the company and is sure to present endless opportunities for so many in the years to come.



Hankel International Academy is the realisation of a life-long dream for Shane Education chairperson, Alex Lin, and is testament to what can be achieved through passion, teamwork, and dedication. Located in a lush, suburban area of Linkou, New Taipei City, HIA aims to provide very young learners with a unique new learning experience. One in which they will get to explore and interact with the world around them while developing their English along with a variety of other valuable life skills.


Designed by acclaimed architect, Liao Jin Ying (廖錦盈), HIA boasts a number of specialty facilities designed for students to learn through action, movement and experimentation. Students at HIA will enjoy spacious classrooms filled with natural light, as well as access to a dance studio, lego room, science room, gym, library and grass lawn where kids can do what kids do best, run and play!



A new vision for very young learner education


Hankel International Academy will operate independently from Shane schools, catering specifically to very young learners enrolled in all-day English and bilingual programs. 


Students will be given space and freedom to develop their own individual and unique characters, while also receiving the necessary guidance through a carefully designed course to instil in them a sense of work ethic, an understanding of other cultures, and the motivation they need to carry them through into the next stages of education and beyond.


Through the opportunities that HIA provides, students will feel pride when arriving each day, and the learning and life experience they will gain will have a lasting imprint on their young lives.


The inspiration behind the name


The name, Hankel International Academy, is a homage to the person who inspired chairperson Alex Lin to pursue a life-long career in education, and the reason that HIA has now become a reality. Mr. Lin, a mathematics enthusiast with an engineering major, chose the word Hankel as an appreciative nod to famed German mathematician, Hermann Hankel. Just as it did for him, Mr. Lin hopes the name will continue to help others realise the importance of education and inspire students to follow their passions into the future.


Represented in the crest are the four core foundations of learning at Hankel International Academy – fine arts and music, literacy, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths), and the fostering of talent that will shape our world in the future.



29th August 2020, a day to be remembered


Hankel International Academy officially opened on 29th August 2020 with a ribbon cutting ceremony, sounded by traditional drummers and attended by a host of VIP guests showing their support for the school. Pictured below, from left to right, are: 王國華 (chief of Xilin area), 藍品畯 (Mayor of Linkou), 蔡淑君 (New Taipei City city councillor), Alex Lin (chairperson of Shane Education and Hankel International Academy), 許東隆 (chairperson of Zhanyue Construction), Shane Lipscomb (founder of Shane English School), 魏寶生 (chairperson of KGI Bank) and 廖錦盈 (architect of Hankel International Academy).



Careers at Hankel International Academy


As Hankel International Academy continues to grow, there will be opportunities to join the diverse team of international teachers who are already leading the way at the school. If you are a career-minded teacher who thrives on inspiring young minds, a teacher with the ability to motivate, and a teacher who understands the importance of being a role model – we’d like to hear from you! HIA offers teachers the opportunity to play an integral part of the school and take complete ownership of their classes, while still receiving support and guidance from the Shane Education academic department. If you’d like to hear about any future positions, please apply here and express your interest in Hankel International Academy in the ‘tell us more about you’ section of the application form.



Published by: Head Office